Marketing Professional Services in Compliance with CASL

The world of marketing for professional services in today’s date is changing rapidly. Finding business has become much more difficult than it used to be. A professional services business can no longer win business relying merely on its reputation. As a result, professional service businesses have intensified their marketing efforts. The major reason behind this is, of course, the rise in competition. There are too many architects, designers, consultants etc. in the market, competing to win business from the same set of customers, which means for one company to win more business, some other must lose it. […]


Service Packaging Guide for Professional Service Businesses

Service packaging, also known as Productization is a very straightforward concept that can result in fascinating outcomes. But only if it goes through a tough planning and execution process. Streamlining is the key. What is service packaging? The term by several influencing bodies, has been overly complicated, it’s not rocket science. The reality is, Service Packaging is just amalgamating different services together to create a common solution/service that is a need of various clients. Service packages are successful if they are sellable to several clients and not one. It may seem like another fancy business jargon […]