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“Focus on the core problems your business solves and put out lots of content and enthusiasm and ideas about how to solve that problem” Laura Fitton, Hubspot

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Customer Success Development

Increasing customer retention will drive your company’s valuation.

At the heart of a SAAS company is the retention of revenue from existing customers. Low levels of churn and strong adoption based on value drive high enterprise value. ALTA Consulting has established tools, software and consulting methods to develop a high performing customer success function. We will work with you to improve your customer success team with renewals, account management and cross selling/up selling.

Outbound Lead Generation

Adapt your sales methodologies to today’s buying behaviors.

Selling and prospecting have fundamentally changed over the last few years. The internet and social media have created new ways to reach prospective clients. This shift in technology allows buyers to do their own extensive research on products and services as part of the buying process. As a result, many organizations have experienced poor performing outbound lead generation programs. With the right message, excellent processes and the right people, outbound lead generation can be an invaluable source of leads, opportunities and pipeline.

Inbound Lead Generation

Buyers don’t want to be sold to – and they don’t have to be.

With buyers doing extensive research on the internet the buying journey has changed dramatically. Some experts suggest that buyers in many industries are 60% through the buying journey before they engage with an organization. This shift has created a new environment that requires the development of new strategies and tactics to attract buyers or help them do their research. Great websites with compelling content and fine tuned SEO now goes a long way in creating a flow of inbound leads.

Revenue Systems (CRM)

What gets measured gets managed.

Developing a systematic approach to marketing and sales is fundamental to measuring results and analyzing performance. Choosing the right metrics and selecting the right systems are key to managing performance and driving accountability. This allows a laser focus on the tactics and strategies that are actually driving revenue.


You have questions. We have answers.

Customer Success

How do we develop a customer success program?

  • Team development
  • Metric development
  • Supporting technology and platforms

Persona Development

What information is important to your target roles and buyers?

  • Challenge of the target roles
  • Information requirements
  • Key buyer/role metrics

Campaign Architecture & Development

How do we design campaigns that attract quality prospects to our company?

  • Campaign design and development
  • Campaign goals and measurement planning

Creating Compelling Content

What and how do we create high value content that prospects and customers will consume?

  • Content marketing team review
  • Customer/prospect information needs assessment
  • Content effectiveness review

Customer Buying Journey Development

What questions do prospects have during the buying process and how do we best answer them?

  • Awareness phase
  • Consideration phase
  • Evaluation phase

System Selection CRM

Salesforce automation/Marketing automation – What are the best tools and platforms to support driving more revenue?

  • Customer success platforms
  • CRM tools and platforms
  • Requirements collection/process design
  • Vendor review and recommendations

Performance Metrics & Assessment

What metrics should we start tracking to manage performance?

  • Marketing metrics development
  • Inside sales metrics development
  • Customer success metrics development

Inbound & Outbound Campaign Execution

How do we execute campaigns to produce sales ready leads?

  • Team and resources development
  • Measurement and effectiveness review
  • Sales and marketing alignment
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